Wealth Management

We know that the word invest means different things to different people. Your unique circumstances call for a unique investment strategy.

Our High-Touch Wealth Management Philosophy

With our team of experts, we provide a spectrum of appropriate financial products and services to address your needs and wants. We will help develop a plan to both maintain and increase your wealth based on your financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance and show you how your financial plan is serving you.

We draw on the knowledge and expertise of our advisors’ shared experience to help your assets serve your needs.

With High-Touch Wealth Management you should expect more.

  • More time invested in learning about you and your vision for the future.

  • More one on one meetings with your personal financial advisor.

  • More investment options uniquely crafted for your portfolio.

  • More collaboration with outside counsel like your attorney or CPA.

  • More time spent keeping your investments on track.

Preparing for the Future

Nothing in life is certain, but a solid financial plan brings peace of mind and helps ensure that your goals for the future become a reality. From our first meeting, we will sit down with you and map out your plan for success. By identifying what is important to you, we can guide you toward major milestones and avoid financial speed bumps along the way.

We will work with you on budgeting and cash flow by defining your short- and long-term expenses, selecting investments, and planning for unforeseen expenses so that you can experience calm in the often turbulent financial seas.

Invest in What’s Important

If you are looking to support your community with a generous contribution, we are here to help. Whether you are making a one-time donation or setting up a foundation, we can help amplify your impact and maximize long-term charitable benefits in a way that’s tax informed.

Wealth Management

Can I retire comfortably?

The amount of money you need to retire is unique to you. Your current lifestyle, health, and portfolio performance are just a few of the factors we consider when determining what you will need in retirement and how to get there. We can provide what-if scenarios, estimates, and detailed expert analysis to make sure you are comfortable in retirement no matter the path your adventures take you.

Risk Tolerance and Portfolio Growth

Financial risk plays a pivotal role in any portfolio. High risk yields higher dividends, but as you approach your golden years stability is ideal.

No matter your age, we will work with you to determine your risk tolerance while crafting your portfolio. We believe that balancing risk with growth is the key to providing you with the most successful investment plan. We will devise a strategy that fits you, allowing you to vary the levels of risk in your investments and get the most in return.

Estate Planning

Estate plans can provide you and your family with great peace of mind. The typical estate plan contains your will, any health directives, Power of Attorney, and any trusts you wish to leave behind so that you can create a lasting legacy. We can provide you with advice on how to transfer your wealth by determining the type of trust that will work best for you or whether you need to create a family foundation or endowment.

Wills are a legal tool that allows you to dictate your guardianship guidelines or to transfer your property and assets. But if you have substantial assets, numerous beneficiaries, or several causes that you want your legacy to support, we can help you design a comprehensive estate plan.

Wealth Management

Fiduciary Responsibility

As a fiduciary, we are ethically and legally obligated to serve in the best interest of our clients, and we would not have it any other way. From our approach to asset management to our transparent fee structure, we acknowledge this duty and act in your best interests.

Unlike our non-fiduciary counterparts, we put your interest ahead of that of HWM. We avoid conflicts of interest and provide disclosures as they arise, when unavoidable.