Mark Dederer

Mark Dederer Headshot - Standing and smiling Mark sitting in front of water.

Title & Email

Director, Philanthropic Services

Phone: 206-709-5961

Email: [email protected]

How do I help our clients live better lives?

I am a firm believer we are all happiest when we are helping others. As the Director, Philanthropic Services, I get to work on projects that align our clients’` time and money with their unique values and passions. Connecting, learning, and taking action to make meaningful impact is what I want to help all individuals and families experience.

How do I spend my time away from HWM?

Time with family and friends is something I really value and prioritize. I enjoy being outdoors, particularly waterskiing and golfing. Music is a big part of my life, as reflected through my longtime involvement with KEXP. I always have music on that reflects my state of mind. Vacations are essential, and I love being on the fantastic beaches of Southeast Asia and Mexico.