Dodd St. Louis

Title & Email

Compliance Manager

Phone: (206)-709-5950

Email: [email protected]

How do I help our clients live better lives?

I help our clients by working diligently to design policies and procedures that reflects and upholds our code of ethics and ensures that the Firm remains in compliance with all applicable Securities laws and regulations. Our clients can live better lives knowing that compliance is a priority at HWM, and we operate in a way that prioritizes the clients’ interest.

How do I spend my time away from HWM?

My time away from HWM is spent in the outdoors, with family, listening to music, reading, travelling, or browsing the latest innovations in fashion and design. I particularly enjoy hiking, soccer and working out. My favorite music artists are Sia and Garnett Silk, however I am a fan of most genres. I enjoy building and strengthening relationships with family, and this is no different for the HWM family. I grew up in the Caribbean and it is still one of my favorite places to travel. I am always interested in learning and taking on new activities so my time away from HWM will continue to evolve.